Chin Activist in Burma,Victor Biak Lian,Receives 2010 St. Stephen’s Prize In Norway

November 2010 (Chinland Guardian): Chin human rights and democracy activist, Victor Biak Lian, was yesterday awarded St. Stephen’s Prize 2010 by the Norwegian Mission to the East (NMTE) in recognition of his magnificent contributions to democracy, human rights and national reconciliation in Burma in a ceremony held at the Norwegian School of Theology in Oslo, Norway.
Upon receiving the award, Victor Biak Lian said in his speech: “I am very surprised. What came to my mind immediately was the fact that it is not my individual efforts that should be recognised but rather the efforts of all my colleagues and friends who are equally committed to the cause of the disenfranchised and suffering communities of Burma……”\

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Victor Biak Lian is the fourth recipient of the award in line with his three predecessors, Bishop Thomas from Egypt (2005), Doan Trung Tin from Vietnam (2007), and Tim A. Peters from the USA (2008) who works among refugees from North Korea.

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