How expats in Korea can effectively help Japanese disaster victims via the Korean Red Cross

Since Friday, March 11, more than 8,133 citizens in Japan have perished and as many as 12, 272 are still unaccounted for (as of 3:45 PM Japan time,3/20/11). In excess of half-a-million Japanese residents have been displaced due to the 9.0 earthquake, tsunami near Sendai and the nuclear reactor crisis in the Fukushima region NE of Tokyo.

If you live in Korea and wish to help suffering Japanese citizens,many of whom are surviving on minimal food and water rations, donations can be given via the following Korean Red Cross charitable bank accounts. The Korean Red Cross already has a substantial team on-site in the affected area directly helping the earthquake and tsunami victims. Here is an excerpt from an email letter from the Korean Red Cross’ Senior Governance Officer to Helping Hands Korea on Wednesday, March 16th, 2011:
“Dear Tim,

Please find the following bank accounts:
Woori Bank: 1005-899-020202
Shinhan Bank: 140-009-177631
Hana Bank: 101-100410-04604
Nonghyup Bank: 301-0077-4329-11
Kookmin Bank: 9-010-001-0001

Thanks for your advice.

[For inquiries]
Tel: 02 3705 3728

**PLEASE NOTE ONCE AGAIN: These bank accounts are under  the name of the KOREAN RED CROSS, and are not related to the work of  Helping Hands Korea for North Koreans in crisis.HHK/Catacombs believes this is an emergency that merits urgent attention. Donating through the Korean Red Cross  is, in our opinion, one of the best ways for expats living in Korea to help the Great Japanese Earthquake  victims at the present time.