Congressional testimony by CSW on the denial of religious freedom in North Korea and China by includes field reports from Helping Hands Korea/Catacombs

Christian Solidarity Worldwide’s (CSW) East Asian Team Leader Mr.Ben Rogers gave compelling testimony before the Congressional Committee of Foreign Affairs on Thursday, November 17, 2011. Embedded in Ben’s testimony were reports from HHK/Catacombs about a remarkable 16 year-old North Korean teen girl who was executed in Hyesan City for bringing her countrymen to Christ. Field reports on assassinations and near-assassinations of missionaries in China who actively help North Korean refugees were also included in Ben’s powerful presentation to the Committee. WATCH BEN’S TESTIMONY AT THE FOLLOWING URL: Ben’s oral opening statement can be found approx 1 hour 37 minutes in, in which he covers Burma, Indonesia, North Korea, China and Vietnam;’ his answers to specific questions can be found 2 hours 26 mins in (re North Korea), 2 hours 38 minutes in (re Kachin, Burma and Indonesia), and his concluding remarks 2 hours 51 minutes in re US leadership on IRF.