Canadian Broadcasting Co.(CBC) interviews Tim:the plight of NK refugees with Kim Jong Un now at the helm of state

NORTH KOREA DEFECTORS. That’s coming up on CBC’s As It Happens.

The images are as bizarre as they are rare. Today, North Koreans buried their Dear Leader, and the funeral was broadcast to the world via that country’s state television. However choreographed, it was a highly unusual view into the secretive nation.

The country has a new ruler — Kim Jong-Il’s twenty-something-year-old son, Kim Jong-Un. But the change at the top doesn’t seem to be leading to any changes farther down: observers say life for North Koreans isn’t getting any easier, especially for those looking to flee the country.

Reverend Tim Peters is the director of Helping Hands Korea, an organization that helps refugees fleeing from the North. We reached him in Seoul, South Korea.