Hungarian Daily quotes HHK director on the Likelihood of a Revolt in North Korea

(Although a full translation of the Hungarian is not available, the following is the full answer Director Tim Peters gave the Metro journalist in English responding to “Will the North Korean people revolt following the death of Kim Jong-il?”  Peters:” I believe it’s highly unlikely that the North Korean people will revolt, at least in the short term. The Kim family dynasty has been superimposed over a highly regimented social structure, a system of mutual surveillance and self-censorship that has been honed for over 60 years. That will most likely remain intact for some time despite the obvious youth, inexperience and lack of diplomatic and military training of Kim Jong Il’s designated heir, Kim Jong Un, age 28. If Kim Jong Un proves completely inept, and cracks do appear in the ruling elite, then factions could appear in the military and Workers Party. Things at that point could get very dicey indeed.”