Foreign Policy(Jan-Feb)-“Preaching the Gospel in the Hermit Kingdom–Can Christian evangelicals save North Korea?”

The mission strategy of HHK/Catacombs to reach North Korean refugees is outlined by Tim in this issue written by Isaac Stone Fish, which gives an overview of various mission approaches to the extraordinarily difficult field of the great Christian persecutor, the DPRK. Quotes from the article: “But the majority of the missionaries involved with North Koreans work with them only when they’re safely outside the country. “For the ones who come out, Christianity can do a lot more for them because they need so much healing,” says a Christian activist in South Korea. Tim Peters runs Helping Hands Korea, an organization that helps North Korean women and children who have already crossed into China flee to other countries. He told a story of a man in North Korea who, in late December after the death of Kim Jong Il, became interested in Christianity. But after speaking about it in his community, he raised the suspicion of security forces. He and his family fled North Korea the next day, and Peters’s team near the Chinese border is now helping them. “Because they were discovered listening to Christian radio, if they were to be repatriated the punishment would be extraordinarily harsh,” says Peters.” READ MORE: in_the_hermit_kingdom