PBS on Helping Hands Korea and North Korean Refugees

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What’s wrong with this picture? 50 miles north of here is possibly the worst human rights situation, including Christian persecution, in the entire world, and here we are in South Korea living a lifestyle that’s probably on par with the United States and Europe, and even the South Korean churches were sending armies of missionaries all over the world and yet, there seemed to be nobody in China to kind of catch, to play catcher to all these refugees that were coming across.

Helping Hands Korea’s work of assisting North Koreans who’ve fled totalitarian DPRK enters its 16th year and is covered by PBS Religion and Ethics Newsweekly in its January 8th, 2012 program. Despite daunting challenges at the China-North Korean border, helping the refugees goes on. This PBS segment is featured alongside Paul Simon’s surprising new album,which in the making, Simon smiles, “God unexpectedly showed up.”