South Koreans protest China’s repatriation of North Korean refugees:Washington Times

Demonstrators against forcible repatriation of NK refugees in China (Associated Press photo)

North Korean defectors wearing masks to cover their faces participate Feb. 21, 2012, in a rally against the Chinese government’s arrest of North Korean refugees, near the Chinese Embassy in Seoul. The protesters called for China not to send North Korean refugees back to their country, saying those refugees might be executed. (Associated Press)

SEOUL — A new kind of high-profile demonstrator gathered in Seoul on Tuesday to protest China’s forced repatriation of North Korean defectors: South Korean film, TV and music stars who enjoy massive popularity in China.

………”There is fear in South Korea that those returned to North Korea will face severe punishment………

“We cannot say with absolute certainty what their fate will be, but definitely, since the death of Kim Jong-il, the message is that punishment for defectors is extremely harsh,” said Tim Peters, a U.S.human rights activist who operates along the China-North  Korea border.

“I don’t want to say all will be shot, but the consequences are graver now than they were 3 or 4 years ago.” Read More

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