Who We Are

Helping Hands Korea (HHK) is a Christian mission that endeavors to assist North Koreans in crisis by providing famine relief to the northeastern portion of the impoverished nation as well as assisting North Korean refugees in China.

Helping Hands Korea, established by Tim Peters in Seoul in 1990, has partnered with various individuals and organizations in South Korea and around the world that share a sense of urgency for famine relief within North Korea. A hunger-relief program was set in place by the founding of Ton-A-Month Club, which endeavored to deliver food supplies to well monitored areas in the region. From 1998, HHK also took on the task of aiding North Korean refugees who live in dire circumstances while hiding in China.

Mission Statement

HHK is an organization committed to actively responding to the plight of oppressed North Koreans by alleviating physical, social, political and spiritual needs through partnership with like-minded individuals, in response to Jesus Christ’s call to love, serve, relieve suffering and set the exploited free.