Confronting the NK Crisis

Helping Hands Korea was founded and operates on the belief that just as Jesus Christ cared for the poor, sick, downtrodden and oppressed; those that love and believe in Him should do likewise. We believe the truth of Christ’s words: “Inasmuch as you have done it unto the least of these, you have done it unto me.”

  • Helping Hands Korea endeavors to deliver food & other basic necessities to the most vulnerable sectors of the North Korean society, especially orphaned children, school children in impoverished areas, the handicapped, the elderly and single parents. Every effort is made to find partners of the highest integrity with the utmost in transparent monitoring methods available under admittedly difficult circumstances. Most food aid, at present, is in the form of baked bread rolls.
  • Helping Hands Korea also endeavors to provide shelter, food, very basic health and hygiene assistance to North Korean refugees in China. It does so based on need only and without prejudice of the refugee’s creed or lack thereof. However, it is our belief and operating principle that spiritual hope, faith and direction are of equal importance to physical sustenance. Each refugee in our shelters receives a Bible and an introduction to the Christian faith. Acceptance is a personal matter.
  • Helping Hands Korea also recognizes that, in certain and select cases, North Korean refugees in China may face particularly dangerous and life-threatening consequences if arrested in China and repatriated to North Korea, including extended detention in prison camps, torture, forced abortions (in the case of North Korean women carrying babies fathered by Chinese men) and public execution. In such highly selective situations, Helping Hands Korea provides logistical support along the so-called ‘underground railroad’ to guide such refugees to safe havens in countries that border China.
  • Although raising public awareness of the lamentable state of human rights inside North Korea and of the refugees in China is not the principal activity of Helping Hands Korea, its volunteers should use selected opportunities to bring the issues of injustice, state-enforced poverty, denial of religious freedom and the freedom of speech to a wider public through interviews with media sources that have a proven track record of even-handed treatment of these issues. Lectures and providing expert testimony, in certain cases, can be used to bring issues to a greater light.
  • Helping Hands Korea advocates and urges wholehearted volunteerism throughout its activities & partnerships.
  • Helping Hands Korea seeks to carry out its charitable activities in the most cost-effective ways possible, always exploring new and better ways to provide services to the neediest, using ingenious methods to lower costs and increase the value of services provided. It encourages the same ‘diligence in business’ in its partners.